Project information

SignSpell is a project that follows 3 aliens on their journey around Planet earth using Sign Language to communicate. It is a project aimed at primary schools to help children develop communication skills as well as becoming deaf aware. With SignSpell, children learn new ways to use language, spell, and express themselves. SignSpell is a fun and inclusive approach to help readers (with varying experiences with language) to develop their literacy skills. All of the SignSpell resources encourage physical expression of words and reinforce learning through visual and kinaesthetic association – enhancing vocabulary and spelling. SignSpell complements phonics by aiding memory and stimulating channels of communication that spoken language does not fulfil. Where phonics will help children to pronounce and read words, SignSpell will help them associate a word with a sign, movement and meaning. We are looking to take this project to the next level with the help of VR, but need some help to make this a reality.