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VRTogether is an organisation to encourage VR for the better

We promote ideas, projects and technologies which have the ability to improve human lives. Our aim is to bring together and support a vibrant community of people with the desire to develop work that affects many areas, from healthcare to entertainment.

By sharing ideas and the drive for the positive potential of technology, we are together.

How can my company or project be involved?

Supporting VRTogether can be a simple as dedicating a few hours a week, a month, or year to developing VR & AR projects alongside existing commercial work.

Reach out to others and brainstorm ideas which you feel could have the potential to positively improve lives. Think big and start small.

If you are interested in enriching the VR community, register your company or personal details and download the VRTogether badge to let others know that you support VR for the better.

Download the VR Together kit: